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“The world of a digital creative is a lot like a video game…”

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VitaminTalent have created a fantastic infographic that they modestly describe as a ‘handy chart, mapping out career options and skill sets for all types of digital creative roles’ but one that doesn’t take itself too seriously, providing guideline stats for each role – 600 ‘Arrows drawn hourly’ for an Information Architect apparently, although they may have missed a zero off the end… VitaminTalent infographic
  • tom

    Would be interesting to see where we all think we are on the board!

  • http://www.red-gate.com Adam Walker

    Well, I can rule out being an Interactive Art Director with their measly 3.5 alcoholic drinks a day. Pah!

    I suppose the amount of plaid shirts in my wardrobe would suggest I’m well on my way to becoming an Interactive Designer.